Welcome to Walsall SUE's website. We aim to inform you of the activities our group can offer, and direct you to useful information.

Walsall SUE began in November 1993. It is a user-led organisation, with a committee of 14 service users with a wide background in health conditions.

We try to represent the interests of Walsall residents that use Walsall's health and social care services, whoever is the provider. We try to work in partnership with service providers since we believe that a constructive conversation benefits all parties. 

As services evolve, the use of the term 'service user' is increasingly questioned.

At present, Walsall SUE continues to speak of Service Users. We are not ashamed to be service users, as services enable us to live our lives more effectively.

The point where provider meets user is of the highest importance. The nature of that meeting determines the quality of the user's experience. Even these days of personalised services, when 'service users'  employ their carers directly, the meeting point of user and carer continues to be problematic.

 We network with other disability, user and campaigning organisations in order to be able to raise our voice. Our partners include Walsall Disability Forum and formerly Users in Partnership, though this group has now wound up.

As a group, we offer a range of daytime and evening activities which are all user-led. These can enable  people to gain confidence and move from using services to actively representing themselves and other service users in service management, to delivering services. Through this, people start to regain control of their lives. 

  We are an independent group funded by Walsall Council and Dudley and Walsall Mental Health Trust, with sponsorship for specific projects from other agencies.

We are a source of user representatives to local, regional and national forums.

We offer opportunities locally and regionally for service users to be supported in challenging service providers on quality of service issues.
Any resident of Walsall who uses health or social care services can ask us to support them, take an issue on, or provide them with advice and guidance in taking up the issue themselves.

  You can ring us in office hours on 01922 644983, and when the office is closed you can leave a message.
We run a direct payment support service which has a dedicated phone line on 01922 648500

Who Cares? Have some compassion says Pat

If a group of football fans was sat together in the pub people probably wouldn't give them a second glance.
Or a group of film buffs or stamp collectors....The list goes on.

Picture a group of people with mental health issues sat together, however, and it's a different story.
There'll be some whispers perhaps, a bit of pointing isn't uncommon and sadly, all too often, someone will likely hiss "nutters" under their breath.
And this is what bothers people with mental health issues the most.  
The ignorance.
The stigma.
The unwillingness to talk to someone who appears a little "different".
But it's their loss, according to Pat Nye, who has been bi-polar since her early twenties.
"If they spoke to people with mental health problems instead of ostracising them they'd find them full of compassion - caring and kind.

"And the last time I checked, mental health isn't catching!"

Pat, who is a Walsall grandmother, became bi-polar following a series of traumatic events early in her life.

"I sought help after trying to kill myself as that was the lowest I had ever been," she explains.

"It's hard to explain to someone who has never experienced a mental health problem but it is so much more than just feeling down.
"I have my medication sorted now and I have the support of my wonderful family and members of Walsall Service User Empowerment group which I have chaired for 20 years.

"I do still have bad days when I cannot physically get out of bed. I can't go out and I can't face people.

"That's impossible to understand unless you've been there. But one in four people will end up there as that's the number of people affected by a mental health issue."

Walsall SUE Direct Payments Support Service - Forms online

Please find below more forms for use by our Direct Payments customers.
Download and print them as you require. PDF versions should print out without problems

1. Monitoring Sheet
2.  Previous SUE's News (October/November 2011)
3. Latest SUE's Direct Payments News December 2011/ January 2012 

Walsall SUE Direct Payment Support

Walsall SUE offer Walsall people support with their Direct Payments. A direct payment is for people with assessed support needs to purchase a service themselves instead of using an existing service.
 For example, if a person has a carer from the Council, they can choose to have a direct payment. Then they can employ a carer themselves. They have much more control over who their carer is. People with a direct payment choose who to employ, and can fire the carer if they are unsuitable, though we hope it never comes to that.
 Because employing someone is new to most people, Walsall SUE offers specialist support. our staff are trained in employment law and in resolving staff issues.
 If you want to ask about Direct Payments please use our support line 01922 648500

Walsall SUE Direct Payments Support Service

If you are one of the people we support with Direct Payments, please find below our timesheet which you can download as you need it. Note that this timesheet is only of use to people receiving Direct Payments and supported by Walsall SUE.
NOTE This is now available in PDF format so should print correctly with any printer
See elsewhere in the website for more downloadable documents for the Walsall SUE Direct Payments service, all in pdf format so available for any computer system and compatable with any modern printer

Document Readers group


10:00AM to 12:30PM
This is a group of service users who meet to read and comment on information leaflets produiced by Walsall Council, Dudley Walsall Mental Health Trust and other organisations before they are published. 
 The purpose of this group is to help make sure the leaflets are clear and understandable. Feedback from this group leads to the leaflets being improved - they are more clear, easier to read and better for everyone.
This group improves communication between Walsall Council and Walsall's disabled people.
This group only meets when it has something to discuss so if you want to join or give it a try, ring us and register your interest, and you will be invited to the next one