The Autobiography of Peter North

We are pleased to be able to offer the entire first volume, and part of the second volume, of Peter J North's autobiography to you for FREE DOWNLOAD. 
The whole work is called 'Obviously Psychotic', and Volume 1 is called 'I've Got Issues'.
 I've Got Issues is made up of the files listed below, that is, The Introduction, and Parts A, B, C, D, and E.
The second volume is called 'I've Got Issues Too' and the first 210 parts are up on the site in 7 parts (a to g) again for FREE DOWNLOAD
Peter has a unique way with words, driven in part by his intellectual word play, in part by his dyslexia and the rest by his rage at parts of the mental health service.
 This work is likely to be of interest to anyone with any concern for how people experience mental health treatment, whether service user, carer, staff or you were just walking past the institution when the sirens went off.
 To access the work, simply open your documents folder, and create a new folder called Peter North Autobiography. Then save the files to this new folder and unpack them using the programme 'winrar' which you can also download for free from

 We hope you enjoy Peter's autobiography, and welcome any feedback you care to offer via the email system
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