• We are pleased to announce the call for entries for the 2013 Dawn Jones Art Prize and Exhibition.
    As before, prizes of up to £50 are awarded to the winners.
    The event is open to people who have direct experience of mental ill-health and live in the Walsall Borough. You can download an entry form from this site, or by email to For more information, use the website enquiry form or ring 01922 644983 
    cover of 2013 Dawn Jones Competition entry leaflet
  • Jo will be performing at tonight's Pelsall event at the Labour Club, Church Road, Pelsall. Doors open 7.15 and Jo comes on at about 8pm. There is a cheap bar and a light buffet. Tickets are £5, and each paying person can bring in one carer to support them without further cost. The room is all on one level and there is a large car park at the rear of the building.
  • Our base in Bath Street will be closed on Friday March 29th, Monday April 1st and Tuesday April 2nd. There will be no SUE actvities on those days.

    Back to normal on Wednesday April 3rd

    Next Pelsall as normal on April 10th
  • Walsall SUE Committee approved a statement which is on this website about an impact of the coming Welfare Reform Act 2012. In summary:

    'The Government has decided people who get Housing Benefit to pay their rent may have to pay some of the rent themselves. This will be if they have one or two spare bedrooms. The Government has decided to count spare bedrooms in a way that many people think is unfair. People who have spare bedrooms will have to pay more to live in their house. There are not enough houses and flats with one or two bedrooms for all the people who might need them. It is unfair to suddenly charge people extra for living in their home when there is nowhere for them to move to. Walsall SUE think the bedroom tax is unfair.'


    Walsall Disability Forum is meeting soon to see what can be done to ask the Government to think again about this bedroom tax.

  •  The big freeze is over (at the moment) so all our activities are rolling again.
    Tuesday 28th January - mental health awareness and social networking workshop - please come and learn about using new technology to manage health conditions. Tuesday art group. Wednesday photography group. Thursday art group.
    Counselling sessions - both counsellors are back in.
    CAB advice and guidance - contact at any time for rapid access to trained and experienced CAB advisor. Why wait doen the town when you can have an appointment here?