• Recently, as part of Mental Health Awareness week, Walsall Council asked our chair, Pat Nye, to tell the story of her experience of mental ill health and her involvement with services.
    Pat said being part of this activity, and knowing that her story might help to counter stigma and make things a bit easier for other people who become affected by mental illness, was very good for her. The whole story is available as a download from this site and will be posted later today 
  • If you need to speak to someone about your Direct Payment, that person is usually Najeh Meftah, our direct payments support officer. He is only contracted to work a small number of hours a week, so in his absence, Roger Merrick may be able to help you. We make a number of commonly used forms for our Direct Payment customers available to download from this website. If you can think of anything we could add to the downloads, please let us know via the email feedback system.
    Remember our Direct Payments service is to support YOU the Direct Payments recipient. Most people receiving Direct Payments enjoy excellent service from their personal care assistants. But sometimes there are difficulties. Don't deal with difficult employment issues alone - we are trained and knowledgeable about employment law, and can act for you or advise you.
  • Walsall SUE is pleased to announce that we can offer people living in the Walsall Borough a free, confidential counselling service.
    Our counsellor is available on Monday afternoons and on Thursday mornings.
    Sessions are for one hour, and can be booked by ringing 01922 644983 during our regular opening hours.
    Our counsellor is an experienced and qualified social worker, who is currently undergoing training in person-centred counselling.
    You are the focus of the counselling, you are always in control of what happens. What is said in counselling remains confidential between you and the counsellor.

    Counselling at Walsall SUE
    Confidential. Experienced and friendly counsellor
    Monday afternoons and Thrusday mornings
    Book sessions on 01922 644983

    If our resource is fully booked you may be interested in
     a list of counselling services in the area
  • Walsall SUE offer Walsall people support with their Direct Payments. A direct payment is for people with assessed support needs to purchase a service themselves instead of using an existing service.
     For example, if a person has a carer from the Council, they can choose to have a direct payment. Then they can employ a carer themselves. They have much more control over who their carer is. People with a direct payment choose who to employ, and can fire the carer if they are unsuitable, though we hope it never comes to that.
     Because employing someone is new to most people, Walsall SUE offers specialist support. our staff are trained in employment law and in resolving staff issues.
     If you want to ask about Direct Payments please use our support line 01922 648500
  • In 2008, Walsall SUE were provided with money by Walsall's mental health service commissioners to undertake a research project to evaluate the effectiveness of the acupuncture service at Broadway North Centre. We hired a professional researcher and worked with her to design an empowering methodology. She used standard questionnaires wherever possible. All people referred for acupuncture through the mental health service were offered the opportunity to participate or not in the study. The study was completed in September 2009 and we have been waiting for the opportunity to publicise our findings. We found a clear improvement for people with long term psychotic illness in such factors as sleep and stress levels. This observation was reported by service users and their carers. To read our full report or the exec summary,click on the links below anbd download a copy.
    We are interested to hear what you think of the study so please email us with your thoughts