• Agnes
    Picture of Agnes
    Agnes is a very active volunteer, involved in ward visits, attending meetings and the SPEaK project. Some time ago she was appointed an Expert by Experience by the Dudley Walsall Mental Health Trust
  • Bill
    Bill is the last of our vehicle drivers for our Pelsall social evening each month.
  • Carole
    Committee member
    Carole was elected to our committee in February 2012. She is a ward visitor and a regular member of our camera club 
  • Doreen
    Honorary Member
    Doreen was there in Walsall SUE right from the start. The last of the 'few'. A great sense of humour and enjoys bingo. Can argue with the best. 
  • Eileen
    Eileen has the role of treasurer for the first time. Last year she married Ron. I  wonder what she will do to surprise us this year?
  • Maz
    Committee member
    Maz is a ward visitor and attends a range of meetings for us. She enjoys photography and going out on trips 
  • Najeh
    Direct Payments Officer (Part-time)
    If you have a Direct Payment and Walsall SUE is your support organisation, Najeh is the peson you need. He has years of experience with Direct Payments as he used to work for Walsall DIAL in the role he has with us. Najeh was formerly a chef and in the rest of his week he works in Merry Hill for a large department store.  Najeh has an excellent understanding of British employment law and the direct payments system
  • New Address
     Walsall SUE New Address now based at Broadway Norrth Centre 
  • Pat
    Pat is one of the longest serving members of this group. She has recently agreed to share the honorary role of  Secretary with Anne. She visits patients at Bloxwich hospital for us
  • Pat Nye
    Pat was part of the original team who founded the group, then known as Walsall Service Users Council, in 1993. She 'retired' in 2007 but has returned to the role of Chair. Pat inputs to student education at Wolverhampton University on social worker and nursing programmes, and has been a member of Users in Partnership until the group wound up recently